Main feature: "Taking care of yourself and the problem of identity" 

Foreword from the Editor-in-Chief

Bagdasaryan N.G.
Сare of the self in the context of identity

Taking care of youself and the problem of identity

Bolotnikova E.N.
Specific features contemporary self-care

Kozlova M.A.
The moral of self-care in the sociological approach to modernity

Koretskaya M.A.
The ideal of autarky: from the sovereign authority to geopolitics

Komova T.A.
Author and his hero as a problem of identity

Tarnovskii K.Y.
Self-identification crisis in postmodern society: Russian view

Faces of historical knowledge

Kirillov P.E.
Historical picture of the world as a form of discourse

Ardasheva M.E.
Historical knowledge in the contemporary information space

Strokovskaya T.E.
Slavic lands and their inhabitants in the correspondence of Slavists'

Krasnov A.V.
Evolutionary features of the legal status of various forms of protoconsession relations in the framework of the Russian legal field

A bright future and its downside

Korol` M.P.
Present of the Russian science: difficulties of self-determination or "balance on the verge of a survival"

Stanovkin S.K.
Philosophy of education: challenges of reforming the Russian higher education

Valiullin H.H.
Space and time for monetary existence

Experimental psychology

Meshcheryakov B.G., Nazarov A.I., Chesnokova L.G.
Is it possible visual recognition of faces without their conscious perception?

The man in the Language country

Morozov V.V.
Intensive reading and content-based learning of foreign languages