Main feature: "Russia in the Global Scenario Types of the XXI century"

Foreword from the Editor-in-Chief

Bagdasaryan N.G.
It is just one small step from one science to another

Russia in the Global Scenario Types of the XXI century

Nazaretian A.P.
National idea in the "bifurcation century"

Fedotova V.G.
Global Scenario Types and the Line of Vector for Russia

Magaril S.A.
Russia: Correlation of External and Internal Threats to the State System

Mikhailova N.V.
Transformation of Russia’s statehood and law at the end of the XX century and the early part of the XXI century: the reasoning of the process.

Bunina S.G.
The Consumer Law of Russia: genesis of basics and evolution of elements

In memoriam of the Master

Meshcheryakov B.G.
Discovering V. P. Zinchenko’s works – overcoming redundant degrees of freedom in understanding

Language and verbal creativity

Hoziev V.B., Hozieva M.V.
Prolegomena to psychological investigation of verbal art

Shatunovsky I.B.
Perlocutive acts and their types: how to do things with words, doing things with words

Angelova S.G.
Wisdom as Cultural Value

Research debut

Busheva O.D.
“The complex subject” in british press, or how you can be objective while being subjective

Krasnov A.B.
The features of genesis of basic concepts, forms and institutions in the sphere of public and private law subjects’ interaction

Talk about existence

On the Universe, the Social Rhizome and the Principle of Justice.
A Conversation with Professor V. Rozin

Pages of history

Georgieva T.J.
The Lay of St. Stephen the Protomartyr in the XII Century Torzhestvennik (F. N I. 46 RNL, Saint Petersburg)


Bookshelf: reviews and bibliographic reviews

Ivlev Yu.V.
Science and Technology sub specie philosophiae: a new textbook – a new approach